Mauritania calls for restraint at the border crossing of Guerguerat

Mauritania announced that it follows with deep concern the manifestations of the increasing tensions on the northern border in the strip of Guerguerat. It called all parties to exercise maximum restraint and resort to the logic of wisdom.

The communique of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on all parties to exercise restraint and make the logic of wisdom prevail, confirming that the ministry had made many contacts in a vigorous endeavor to defuse the crisis.

The communique urged all actors to maintain the ceasefire and push for an urgent consensual solution to the crisis, following the UN mechanism. An agreement that preserves the interest of all parties and spares the region from further tension.

The Moroccan Army said that it set up a security cordon to secure the flow of goods and people at Guerguerat, after more than three weeks of the border crossing’s closure by the” Polisario” front.

The army declared in a press release that it moved on Thursday night to the area” following the siege that was carried out by sixty people, under the supervision of armed Polisario elements”.

The Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Morocco decided to intervene to secure the return of trade and civil traffic through the buffer zone.

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