Guterres: we endeavor to resume the political process in Sahara

The spokesperson for UN Secretary-General said on Friday evening that United Nations would exert all efforts to restore the political process in the file of Sahara, “expressing its deep concern following the latest developments in the border crossing Guerguerat.

In the communique of Stephane Dujarric declared that” through the last days, the UN participated, including its Secretary General, in many initiatives to prevent the escalation of the situation in the buffer zone of Guerguerat.”

The UN communique added that these initiatives’ objective is” to warn against the violation of the ceasefire agreement and the dangerous repercussions of any change of the situation.”

“the Secretary-General regrets that these efforts have proved unsuccessful and expressed grave concern regarding the possible consequences of the latest developments,” the statement said.

The statement added that” the Secretary-General remains committed to exert all possible efforts to avoid the collapse of the standing ceasefire agreement since September, 06, 1991 and determined to do everything possible to remove all obstacles to the resumption of the political process”.

The statement concluded that the MINURSO mission is committed to implementing its mandate, and the Secretary-General calls on all parties to” provide full freedom of movement for the mission” to fulfill its duty under UN provisions.

It is be noted that Mauritania had previously called for” restraint” and preservation of the ceasefire agreement and the pursuit of” urgent consensual solution to the crisis in accordance with the UN mechanisms.”

The Mauritanian Minister of Foreign Affairs had, in the same regard, held a phone call with UN General-Secretary to discuss the situation in Guerguerat.

The situation in Guerguerat witnessed today, Friday morning, a significant development when the Moroccan Army intervened and set up a security cordon in the buffer zone to secure the trade and civil exchange operations. The activists of Polisario had withdrawn after the Moroccan intervention.





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