Government: Mauritanian diplomacy is working on finding a solution to the problem of Gargarat

The government’s official spokesperson, Sidi O. Salem, said today, Wednesday, that the Mauritanian diplomacy is working on finding a solution as soon as possible to the ‘crossing border ‘’Gargarat’’.

Ould Salem, who was speaking in a press conference to comment on the weekly cabinet meeting results, declared that the Gargarat crisis ’’ is related to demilitarized zones, affiliated with United Nations organization, that witnesses an old conflict’’, as he put it.

He added, ‘’ we are not taking part in the conflict, but we are concerned with it as a neighbor to all parties’’.

The declaration of Ould Salem is the first official statement by the Mauritanian side since activists affiliated with Polisario shut down the crossing border and started camping in the buffer zone.

The closure of Gargarat led to the suspension of trade and civil exchange between Mauritania and Morocco, which caused a crisis in supplying the Mauritanian markets with agricultural products.

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