Economic Crimes Police summon Ex-President

The Economic Crimes Police summoned on Sunday afternoon the former President, Mohamed O. Abdel Aziz, to inquire him on files that were managed in his presidential tenure of the last decade.

According to Sahara Media sources, this is the final stage of the preliminary investigation. The former president will be confronted with former officials who hold positions during his rule.

Ex-President has been summoned many times for investigation, but he refused to collaborate, considering the questioning as illegal.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor of the region of Nouakchott-west, the coordinator of the pole of the fight against economic crimes, issued on last Friday a decision of extending the prohibition of the former president from leaving the Wilaya of Nouakchott-west.

The Prosecutor said that ‘’ in the light of the defendant’s refusal of collaborating, delaying the accomplishment of the investigation procedures, we decide to prohibit the defendant from leaving the judicial district of Nouakchott-west region, until the end of the preliminary investigation procedures’’.

Ould Abdel Aziz, his close circle, and dozens of officials are being pursued on corruption accusations stirred by a parliamentary report, referred to the judiciary.

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