Ministry of the Interior: ‘’ We are working to establish the rule of law’’

The Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization affirmed on Saturday that the government undertook the application of measures devoted to the establishment of the rule of law under sound republican foundations, adding that the public authorities are working to create a convenient climate, allowing the participation of all Mauritanians in this country.

  1. In its communique, the Ministry of the Interior declared that the government works on ‘’ the promotion of the rule of law within the framework of a comprehensive reform Programme, which starts from the renovation of legislations to adapt to the requirements of a new democracy founded on our fundamental values, to the reinforcement of public institutions, and Powers separation.

The Ministry also said that the rule of law depends on good governance, which requires from all to abide by the law and adhere to its provisions, in a context marked by fairness and transparency, free from injustice and discrimination.  By applying these measures, according to the Ministry, we achieve the citizens’ confidence in public policies, which is indispensable to achieve any success.

The Ministry added that the public services work to ensure that all citizens have the protection and care guaranteed by the law, at the same time, holding everyone responsible for their actions, free from any favoritism or privilege.

It concluded that no citizens are to see themselves on the margin of the law; meanwhile, no one should see themselves above the law.

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