The files of the decade: the Police are about to complete its report

The Police in charge of economic and financial crimes are preparing to end the preliminary investigation, which started months ago about corruption allegations related to current and former officials, including the former President, Mohamed O. Abdel Aziz.

The Pole of the Economic and Financial Crimes has interrogated, for three months, a large number of both current and former officials, which include the former president, who opted for complete silence during the interrogations.

In the last stage of the preliminary investigation, the Police conducted a confrontation between the ex-president and some officials that worked with him. During the encounters, Ould Abdel Aziz remained silent, insisting on the immunity, which, he said, is granted to him by the Constitution as a former president.

According to the course of procedures, the police of Economic and Financial Crimes shall finish, in the next days, the report of the preliminary investigation before forwarding it to the Public Prosecution.

This report, according to judicial sources, will not include any accusations, but it may comprise ‘’recommendations that it has reached what may amount to crimes that trigger criminal investigation’’.

According to the sources, the files examined by the parliamentary investigation and the subsequent preliminary investigation amount to ‘’serious crimes’’ because they are related to the corruption code issued in 2016. In this regard, the files are likely to be subject to the criminal investigation.

The public prosecution is expected to forward the case to the investigating judge, who will supervise the criminal investigation that may result in referring the accused to prison for the purpose of investigation.

It is still to be known whether all files will be subject to the criminal investigation, or some of them will be filed based on the information obtained by the police.

The files, where the investigation is executed, include the deals of the Mauritanian company of electricity (SOMELEC), those of the infrastructures, the deals of the National, Industrial and Mining Company (SNIM) and its commercial policy, and the sale of the country’s real estates.

After receiving the files, the Public Prosecution affirmed that the investigations and inquiries will be executed transparently and following the judicial rules and procedures, pledging to accord to them enough time.

The Public Prosecution also confirmed that whoever proved to be guilty would be held accountable, within the framework of a fair trial that guarantees the right of defense.

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