The company Mines of Mauritania calls the gold panners to respect safety Measures

The company Mines of Mauritania called the gold panners, in the zone of Tasiast, to immediately abide by safety measures and be aware of the hazards caused by negligence.

In a communique released on Friday, the company affirms that it obtained reliable information, confirmed by its teams on the field, after a campaign of sensibilizations on the sites, about the non-respect of gold panners, in the Zone of Taziast, to the indispensable security measures for their safety.

According to the company, the gold panners of the Tasiast zone do not respect the required distance between dug wells and ignore the different mandatory measures at the level of each dug hole.

The company also urged gold panners in this region to avoid the worst and adhere to safety measures for their safety.

The company hailed the respect of gold panners in the region of Tiris Zemour to the safety measure and demanded those of other zones to follow suit.

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