Ould Messaoud: exaggeration of slavery cases in Mauritania does not serve the country

The President of the organization SOS slaves, Boubacar O. Messaoud, declared on Monday evening that the ‘’ exaggeration of the number of slavery cases does not serve the public interest’’.

In a meeting with the president of the National Commission for Human Rights, Mr. Ahmed Salem O. Bouhoubeini, ould Messaoud said that the slavery cases that whose victims were not forced or influenced must be resolved, according to a press release by Ould Bouhoubeini.

The same source added that the president of SOS slaves said that slavery cases in Mauritania are few and were appropriately treated, which will reinforce the social fabric of the country. He confirmed that the positive reaction towards slavery cases maintains social peace between the citizens and that the opposite does not serve the interest of the country.

The source stated that the president of the organization SOS slaves expressed his confidence in the president of the National Commission for Human Beings.

For his part, Ould Bouhoubeini praised the work carried out by O. Messaoud and his organization in the field of human rights, particularly the fight against slavery.

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