Mauritania expresses its dissatisfaction with the provocation of Muslim feelings

Mauritania expressed on Monday its immense dissatisfaction with the incitement against Islam, and the provocation of the feelings of Muslims by insulting the prophet, Mohamed peace be upon him.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Mauritanians Abroad condemned this “behavior that contradicts with the freedom of expression”, stressing its adoption of the communique issued by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in this regard.

The Ministry said that it rejects incitement of racism and hatred because they are inconsistent with the values of brotherhood, tolerance, and respect for human beings that are preached by prophecies. It added that the lack of tolerance values would add nothing to the situation of humanity but tension and complexity, according to the communique.

Dozens of Mauritanian organized on Monday morning a protest in front of the French embassy in Nouakchott, condemning the cartoons insulting the prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, and rejecting the statement of the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

The protestors called on France ‘’to apologize to Muslim populations on the recurrent offence’’ and ‘’to stop the provocation of Muslim feelings’’.

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