Mauritania: cancellation of the oral test in national competitive exams

The national committee of competitive exams in Mauritania declared on Friday the cancellation of oral exams in the national competitions.

In a statement to Sahara Media, the president of the commission, Cheikhna O. Idoumou, said that a meeting would replace the oral test with the concerned candidate to ensure his presence.

The commission added that it has opened the door for all grievances of the participants in the national competitive exams and that the list of the selected will be published on the order of merit, not the alphabetic order.

The president of the commission submitted today the 2019 annual report of the commission to the prime minister, Mohamed Ould Bilal.

During the last year, 15 national competitive exams were organized in Mauritania for the recruitment of 2858 civil servants, and 80.000 candidates had participated.

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