Here is the content of the meeting between Ould Ghazouani and the National Bar Association office

The President of the National Bar association, Ibrahim O. Ebety, said on Thursday that the meeting that meeting between the association and the Mauritanian President, Mohamed O. Cheikh Ghazouani, focused essentially on the appraisal of the promulgation of the latest law, which regulates the National Lawyers Association. The association praised the open atmosphere and the prevailing reforms in the country.

Ould Ebety added that he thanked President Ould Ghazouani on the t great care he attaches to the judicial independence and law professions in Mauritania.

He declared that the meeting was an opportunity to discuss the importance and role of the National Bar Association and what it can provide to reform the judiciary in Mauritania, referring that all agree that it is necessary to work together to raise the status of the judicial system.

Ould Ebety stated that the meeting stressed on the necessity of work for Mauritania to be a state of law and institutions. Then, he said, “we can secure every citizen and resident in Mauritania in both their safety and money and so that the economic and social development of the country prevails”, according to his statement.

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