Ghazouani instructs government to implement the recommendations of the parliamentary committee of investigation


Mauritanian President Mohamed O. Cheikh Ghazouani instructed the government to take all necessary measures to swiftly implement the recommendations of the parliamentary investigation committee, according to a cabinet statement.

The Parliamentary Committee had issued recommendations to some ministries to fix some legal loopholes, which can be exploited in corruption.

In the same context, Prime Minister Mohamed O. Bilal presented, during the weekly cabinet meeting, a presentation related to the parliamentary investigation committee, which was investigating the most prominent corruption files that occurred during the rule of former president Mohamed O. Abdel Aziz.

Prime Minister discussed the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee of investigation, referring to that the government, after receiving the report, demanded immediately the judiciary authorities be completely impartial and independent.

He added that the government launched an action plan to implement the recommendations of the committee relating to the necessary reforms.

According to Prime Minister, the government is to introduce regulatory and legislative texts to guarantee the implementation of the targeted reforms.

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