Former President’s lawyers « the travel ban imposed on our client is illegal»

The group of lawyers of former president, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, said on Thursday that the confiscation of their client’s passport and the travel ban imposed on him have no legal basis, considering that such measures constitute a persistence in the violation of the constitutional immunity.

In a press conference, the lawyers argued that preventing the former president from moving around or leaving the national territories can only be decided by the prosecution authority, which is, in the case of the former president, the Parliament.

The group also added that they lodged a demand to the Republic’s prosecutor at the Nouakchott-west court, to amend the measures inflicted on their client, especially those concerning the travel ban. Similar demands have also been introduced to the supreme court, Ministry of justice; demands that have been overlooked, according to the lawyers.

The lawyers specified that all people involved in the same dossier enjoy the right of mobility except their client and some of his relatives, which is according to them a flagrant violation of the preliminary article of judiciary measures.

The group denounced what they describe as the pursuit of violation of constitutional immunity of their client as well as the order preventing their client from movement and travel, which is according to them violate the principle of procedural equality.

They called for the respect of their client’s rights, which are guaranteed by the law, constitution, and the international conventions ratified by Mauritania.

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