Zouerat: Protests against the installation of cyanide factories

On Monday morning, some activists organized a protest in Zouerat city, in the north of Mauritania, in front of the state’s offices, rejecting the installation of cyanide factories in the region of Tiris Zemmour.

The Protesters asked for the necessity of preventing the use of substances, such as cyanide in isolating gold from the traditionally extracted stones from quarries.

The activists said that the licensing of factories is against the law and came before the accomplishment of a study on the environmental impact, in which the inhabitants of the area are participating.

This protest coincides with the visit of the Minister of Petroleum, Mining and Energy, Abd Essalam O. Mohamed Salih, to the city of Zouerat.

In the same context, the regional council of Tiris Zemmour called for the cessation of all activities of soil saturated with gold treatments until the execution of s study about the environmental impact done by a private studies office, approved of by the Ministry of Environment.

The council also declared its support to all safe investment activities, which would benefit the population, according to the communique.

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