Minister of fisheries: pelagic fish production exceeds one million tons

The Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, Abd El Aziz Ould Dahi, said that Mauritania’s production of pelagic fish is estimated at more than one million and 300 thousand tons annually.

In a working meeting with the operators of flour factories and fish oils on Friday in Nouadhibou, in the north of Mauritania, the minister added that ‘’ the public authorities attach great importance to the evaluation and promotion of pelagic fish productions’’.

In The meeting, which was devoted to the discussion of the means to improve the added value of pelagic fish, the manager of wealth reclamation and studies in the ministry of fisheries gave a presentation on the importance of pelagic fishing and its contribution in the light of the recorded lack of commitment to the regulations and the lack of the added value of these manufacturing industries.

The Mauritanian minister of fisheries has been conducting a tour in the city of Nouadhibou. He met with many investors and operators in the field of fishing in the country.

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