Mauritanian MP accuses authorities of manipulating corruption files

The Mauritanian MP Mohamed lemine Ould Sidi Mewloud Said that Mauritanian authorities are “Tampering with” the corruption file revealed by the parliamentary committee of investigation in a report issued at the end of the past July.

The MP, a member of the investigation committee, declared that the executive authorities” tamper with the file and pursue a double standard in this regard.”

In a press conference held today, Thursday, Ould Mewloud added the file’s mismanagement appears in “the dismissal of some people included in the file so that they can defend themselves, while others accused by the same report are appointed to top-level positions.”

“The perspicuous double standard in this file and tamper justice the course of the investigation and conveys a serous negative message, “he said

He also expressed his reservations about some measures that were taken by the executive authorities regarding the investigation.

The Mauritanian police have been conducting a” preliminary inquiry into widespread corruption allegations raised by the Parliamentary committee’s report of the investigation. In this context, the police have summoned many former ministers, businesswomen, and individuals.

There is a widespread controversy among Mauritanians about the appointment of some personalities involved in files where the investigation is underway by the police, which is described by Mauritanians as “recycling.”

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