Ould Ghazouani will visit SNIM on November 2

Sahara Media’s Correspondent in Tiris Zemmour reported that the Mauritanian president, Mohamed O. Cheikh Ghazouani, will visit Zoueratt on Monday, 2 of the next November as part of the visit devoted to the National, Industrial and Mining Company (SNIM).

our correspondent, citing semi-official sources, revealed that president Ghazouani is to visit a series of the company’s facilities to find out the problems and challenges that the company is facing.

To prepare this visit, the Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Mines, Abdessalam O. Mohamed Saleh, paid a visit to SNIM in the last few days.

It would be the first visit of the president to the company since his election in June of last year.

This visit occurs few months after the publication of the Parliamentary committee’s report, which reported that SNIM witnessed vast operations of corruption, administrative dysfunctions, and mismanagement during the ruling of Ex-president Mohamed O. Abdel Aziz.

The Parliamentary Committee of inquiry revealed in its rapport that the company was run by the presidency of the republic in the last decade.

This visit was expected on Thursday,29 November but it was postponed to Monday,2 due to Aid El Maouloud.

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