King Mohammed VI First Foreign Leader to Call Jordan’s King Abdullah II for Support

Rabat – King Mohammed VI held a phone call today with King Abdullah II on Sunday, reassuring him of Morocco’s full support for the stability and security in Jordan.

In the phone call, King Mohammed VI enquired about the situation in Jordan following reports of an attempted coup d’Etat, a statement from Morocco’s royal cabinet has said.

The King renewed his full and “natural” solidarity with King Abdullah II and expressed support for all of his decisions to ensure stability and security in his country.

The phone call reflects the “strong historical and family ties between the two noble monarchs and the two royal families, and the ties existing between the two countries and the tw brotherly peoples,” the royal cabinet added.

On Saturday, authorities in Jordan announced their decision to arrest 20 people, including high-profile officials.

Jordan also limited the movement of Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, King Abdullah’s half-brother.

The prince is now under house arrest for his alleged involvement in a plot seeking a coup d’etat and a security sweep.

Prince Hamza denied his links to the claims being investigated.

Hamzah served as a crown prince for four years before the designation was passed to Abdullah II in 2004.

BBC said the move to arrest high-profile officials was after a visit by Hamza to tribal leaders, where he claimed he secured support.

In a video that has gone viral, Hamzah is seen denying the allegations and overtly criticizing the policies of Jordanian authorities.

He described the country’s govrnance as “incompetent,” and cited corruption as the main reason for the country’s issues.

In addition to Morocco, several countries also expressed support for King Abdullah II and his decision to ensure the country’s stability.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia also voiced the same support.

The US also expressed support for King Abdullah II, describing him as a key partner.


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