Human Rights Commissioner: « we will not protect slavery crime perpetrators.»

The Mauritanian government declared that it would not protect anyone involved in committing the crime of slavery, affirming that it would hold accountable the perpetrators of this crime.

This pledge was affirmed on Sunday, in Nema, by the Commissioner of Human Rights, Humanitarian Action and relation with civil society, Hassena O. Boukhreïss, during the launching of training and awareness-raising campaigns on the fight against slavery and Human Rights.

Ould Boukhreïss said that he carries ‘’important messages’’ from the Mauritanian government that he wants to spread them widely.

He started by stating that the slavery practice is criminalized by law and the perpetrators are heavily punished.

The Commissioner added that the country created special courts charged of fighting against slavery, one of them is in Nema.

He referred to that the country covered the legal fees in this domain and adopted the 2015/030 law relative to the judiciary assistance for the victims of slavery in the country.

The Commission of Human Rights affirmed that the country would not protect anyone, whoever involved in slavery and will be held accountable.

The Commissioner promised that the country would prevent anyone from exploiting the issue of slavery for purposes that are not related to Human Rights and humanity, calling for the review of the social system and founding it on more fair and egalitarian bases.

He, finally, said that Mauritania is witnessing a significant development and prosperity and that the Mauritanians should be united so that they can manage their wealth in peace and security.

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